Stronghold Crusader 2 Special Edition Update 16 v1.0

NEW MAPS: Skirmish Maps: Ruins (4) Mirage (8) Three Rivers (3) Sandbox Map The Fork BUG FIXES: Fixed an issue where user maps with pre-placed assassin units could crash on load Implemented a number of fixes and optimizations to prevent variations in worker productivity during large games: Fixed an issue where the pathfinding thread could gain a backlog of path requests from workers, resulting in workers waiting in place for noticeable periods of time. This would sometimes have a large impact on game economy productivity when there were large numbers of active workers. Optimized the pathfinding priority system to reduce the impact on frame rates Implemented a caching system for worker pathfinding to drastically reduce the need to generate new paths. Keep and barracks paths are also cached and reused. Special attention has been given to woodcutters, due to their importance to the economy: Fixed an issue where one player’s woodcutters could set unreachable trees to be momentarily ignored and it would incorrectly affect all players’ woodcutters Reduced the number of paths that woodcutters require to complete their work cycles Woodcutters should generally spend significantly less time searching for trees due to the path fixes Fixed emigrating peasants jumping up to the keep’s rooftop Fixed an issue where disbanded troops or dismissed workers could join the campfire even when the maximum number of campfire spots (24) were already assigned to other peasants This could cause issues with new workers taking jobs These peasants will now remain available for new jobs until they reach the campfire, where they will emigrate if there is still no spot for them.